unitary prices and different products

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I've been reading how to set prices with variants, but I can't figure out if Shopify covers the need I want. I put you in context and I hope you can help me.

In Kumu Ecocleaning we sell water soluble single dose of cleaning products (as in the image).

The products are:
- Multisurfaces
- Bathrooms
- Degreaser

When I sell only multisurfaces for example, I have added the quantity variant, so that if you take 3 single doses, the unit price is higher than if you take new.

But now I want to make a product that is "combine the pack yourself", so that the customer can choose how many single doses of each product he wants (adding the variant of product type), but in addition, I also want to vary the price if they take quantity (9 combined single doses, 12 combined single doses, or 18 combined single doses), and this is where I find the problem. How can I do that in the same product screen you can have three subproducts and customize the quantities of each one? And if not on the same product page, is there any way to do something like that?

Thanks in advance