urgent help needed

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we need help urgently 

weve just noticed this and need to fix before peak trade hits 


we are having issues with google tracking conversions and putting them to the correct channel - ie if i bought through google shopping and checkout via shopiy payments the transaction is put in google anaylitics as direct - /checkout/contact_information 
instead of paid search and then in which ever keyword was used 

how do we stop this from happening 

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Hey Matt,

Usually when something like this comes up, it's because there was a component of Google Analytics that wasn't installed correctly, or a code that was placed in the wrong place. In this case, when I visited "aliveanddirty.co.uk" and used Google Tag Assistant to check out what was happening, I saw this:

tag assistant screencap

The Google Remarketing Tag doesn't appear to have been installed correctly, and while I would love to give you step-by-step instructions for getting that fixed, Remarketing Tags for Adwords are not my area of expertise. 

You're more than welcome to give our Support Team a shout - they can be reached at 0800-808-5233 - but the fact that the Google Remarketing Tag isn't working might be something that Google would be better equipped to give you a hand with. My commenting and pasting in that screenshot may get someone into this forum post that knows more about Remarketing, but in my mind, your best bet would be Google Adwords Support, as they can run through those particular errors and assess why they might be happening.

Good Luck and All the Best,
-Zack L