user cannot add more than one product on Facebook Shop / on my website

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I have an issue... i integrated shopify with facebook shop. 

on facebook, after i click on the call 2 action button of the product ("see this product on the website"), the link send me to my website checkout. on this page, i can only place the order for that selected product, which is already in my checkout page. the cart button is not anymore in the checkout page , it sends me straight to the info page and i cannot select other products. the user can buy only this one. 

the logo link is not working anymore... so you cannot buy more than one product. 

any solution to add more than one product? please?

many thx.


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I'm having the same issue. They can only have one item in the "Cart" which isn't even a cart because they can't add to it or even update the quantity. Plus, they can't access my actual website probably because FB want to make sure they get their fees on any items the customer purchases. If they add one item from FB and then the rest from my shop. I assume FB loses out on those fees because they weren't clicked on in FB. I get it.. but at least let the customer update the quantity or get them back to the FB shop so they can add more products to their cart.