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I purchased the parallax theme for my existing store, but I have now decided to open a new store with different products. I have purchased the domain. Do I have to close the existing store in order to use the purchased theme? I am still a month or so away from being ready but would like to begin to add images test products and such before opening.

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Hey, Wayne! 

Iain here, 

Great question! You can export the theme from your first shop and import it to your new shop ☺ We have a guide in our docs (here) on how that process works. That will allow you to get that new shop up and running in no time! 

And as always you can reach out to us 24/7 by phone, chat or, email (here

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One important thing to note is that the licence for themes are for a single account only. If you're going to keep using the theme in the current store, you should be buying a new licence for the new store. 

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I have an dev store, and want to purchase parallex theme. Is it fine for me to purschasse a theme for dev store and then transfer it to live store ?



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Just wanted to add that a paid theme can only be used with one store. If you are closing your first store and want to move your paid theme over to your new store contact support who will be happy to help you out :)

If you want to use the same theme in two stores you'll need to buy the theme twice.

For more information review section 10 'Theme Store' within the Terms of Service.

I hope this helps!

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I originally bought the Parallax theme for my shop, and earlier this year purchased the Turbo theme, and no longer use Parallax. I've now opened a second store, but support is telling me that I cannot transfer the unused Parallax theme over to the second store but would need to purchase it again. This sounds grossly unfair as these themes are not cheap. Is this really Shopify policy?

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Hi Iain,

If I were to download my existing custom settings on one shop's theme and apply it to another existing site in a different product niche, besides changing all of the content & assets etc... in the sandbox, would I need to make any other source code changes? Or do these themes automatically update everything to reflect the current domain name for all files?




- Charlie 

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If you want the settings to be transfered to the new store, copying the theme files should do that, since theme settings are in config/settings_data.json.

Other than that, the source code (Liquid and assets) is the same, theme settings don't affect it.

However, apps might insert snippets in the source code, so keep that in mind when copying over to a new store.