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hi there, looking for some advice regarding visitor numbers for example today shopify states i have had 4 unique visitors to my shop, my google analytics sates for today, sessions - 16 users - 12 page views - 113.

i have been networking all day via twitter, pinterest, google+, wanelo, tumblr and my visitors numbers as you can see are very poor.  i have made 15 sales since i set up this shop which has been up approx 1.5 months so thats good and im very pleased with this. in the past i have always sold on platforms such as ebay or etsy.

my visitors tend to pick up in the evening, this is due to my customers tending to be more from the USA

these are my shopify stats the last week as you will see they are roughly the same each day, and never really going over 30+

monday 35/31

tuesday 15/13

wednesday 19/16

thursday 25/19

friday 34/28

Saturday 23/17

so im wondering how i can go about generating more visitors, ? have i forgotten to implent something hope someone can help :)

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey there! 

You can always look into doing some advertising through something such as Google Adwords, which could help improve your visitors. :)

We also have a really handy blog post here, that has some great suggestions on how to gain more traffic as well. 

Ally | Shopify Guru