website speed issues very slow

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Hello   My website is I have changed theme a few days back to Annabelle but our product page taking much longer time to load please check and advise what best we can do to make speed better    Thanks

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Hello @Wixcart, User optimized size images for your store. It is main issue in your site

(4MB size) 

(1MB size)

These two images are very heavy. Remove these image in your store. Please use less than 150KB sized images.

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The total page size of your product pages are huge. I suggest you use to see what exactly is slowing it down.

Like what was suggested earlier, the product images uploaded are an enormous size. Your reviews app also can be improved so I suggest you reach out to the app developer and notify them that they have no compression on all their files.

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First, I would check  if Shopify have any issues. If all is green, check if you didn't install any new large apps recently. They can be a reason for slow loading time on your store. You can hide slow loading behind some page animation. There are apps for that, for example   You can also hire developer like myself, to take a look into your store and let you know what is going on there.

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