which primary domain for co.uk or .com

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Hi there, i have .co.uk domain name, however as i ship worldwide i want to target more people overseas. 

I do get overseas customers, however compared to my placings on .co.uk where i am on the first page, i am something like the 7 or 8 page on google.com.  So i have purchased a .com domain and redirected the .com to the .co.uk will this help to get the .com noticed more on google.com for example when i index it to google.com or do i need to make the .com my primary domain in shopify, and have everything that was related to .co.uk redirected to .com.

hopefully this makes some sense, thankyou in advanced :)


the two domains are www.poppyscrafts.co.uk and www.poppys-crafts.com

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You can have it either way. There are pro's and cons. If you want to target overseas but say "80%" of your current orders are UK then you should retain .co.uk

Also, your new .com domain has a hyphen which can cause user error when recalling your site.

If you want to target overseas, you can still do it with a .co.uk, just have clear international pricing for delivery on your site and get the message over that international buyers are welcome. 

I suggest getting both domains setup in webmasters and making the appropiate 301 direct for now.

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I want assistance on my query mentioned at the post


any pointer suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.