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Ok, so now that I have your attention I am looking for a developer, programmer, SEO expert, dude to help design and develop an online motorcycle touring gear store on shopify.com for me. We would sell everything from the best motorcycles for the job (through our friends who are KLR, BMW etc. dealers), jackets, helmets, panniers, books, you name it we deal it.  

In 2007 I rode my KLR650 20,000 kilometers from northern Maine to the Panama Canal with my best friend, I was 23. It was a blast, cheap and the best four months of my life (so far). I ran out of money and sold my gear to an expat in Panama City, with a wad of cash I flew home. I hope that others can say f**k it too and go on a similar adventure. Life is too short my friends. Check out our blog: http://egghigh.blogspot.com/ to get an idea. 

You feeling up to the task? Then shoot me an email and we shall have a little chat. I have a budget, I am fair, but I know if you are trying to rip me off and this isn't my first rodeo amigos. Now that that's out of the way, I am looking forward to hearing back from you!


jhighsmith@gmail.com with the subject title: Motorcycle Shopifly Dude!  




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That sounds like quite the adventure!

Let me start off by telling you a little about us...

We have been working with Shopify since their inception over 3 years ago. In addition to building two free themes (http://vogue.myshopify.comand http://moderno.myshopify.com) and in excess of 60 client sites, we have also built a web application that ties directly into Shopify (http://www.fetchapp.com / http://is.gd/3aiSD) allowing customers to sell digital goods. Shopify has also just hired us to build 4 more themes that will be issued as default themes. This will be a total of 6 themes we've built directly for Shopify.


In short, we know Shopify and what is possible, or how to make something possible.

Please email us at hello [at] pixellent [dot] com with your specific requirements and we'll be happy to send you a quote!
We recently changed our name from Sofamade to Pixellent, and are working on moving our portfolio over.  Please refer tohttp://sofamade.com/work to see some of our past sites.  Also, here's a list of some Shopify themes / site designs we've done recently (some are on our demo accounts):


Mike Larkin | http://www.pixellent.com | http://www.fetchapp.com | mikelarkin [at] pixellent [dot] com