3D wireframe product display

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New to this, so please have a little patience, you brainiacs!

For a new website, we need a simple 3D Wire frame of a common shape, mostly rectangular that can display a "cover or skin" interchangeably.

It should move, turning on axis to show both side of the object, no more that 180 degrees.

So when a viewer comes to site, he/she will have numerous choices of "skins" to view on the 3D model. All the same size. And if possible, be able to turn that model to show both sides.

Need immediately to build our Commerce.com site with.  Money no object.... kidding.  Give me a reasonable bid and let's get going.

This may require more than I understand at this point, so your feedback is appreciated.

To reiterate, the website will be dominated by this 3D model as being the largest frame, then with multiple frames/pages showing all the different "skin" choices, that can be clicked on and seen on the 3D model.

Thank you!