A bunch of tweaks and a slideshow

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For www.athleti.ca (Structure theme), I would like a quote to:

1. Add slideshow to athleti.ca, similar to the one in the Fresh theme
(with ability for me to independently change images/urls in the slides, add as many as I need, with automated/timed slide transition, and with arrows to manually change the slides)

2. Fix the problem I'm having with image thumbnails - if you look at the Fuel Belt collection, you will see that the 10th product is flowing to a new page, even though there is plenty of room for it.

3. Resize the medium image thumbnail to 80%

4. Reduce the height of the header to ~80%

5. Reduce the white space at the bottom of the index page, between the logos and the footer.

Thank you,

store@athleti.ca, 1-888-388-8609 x101

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Hi Sean,


Email on the way. Please check it and feel free to let me know your thoughts.