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HI There,

Im looking for some help on a few final steps for my store. I have been working on it for the last month and have hit a brick wall with a few final issues. The job is as follows...


Part 1.

I have set up product bundles on my site not via a paid app but by creating a new product template that displays 3 products based on their relative Collection into 1 product page. (I have this part sorted) To complete the Bundle page I want to have an add all to cart Button so that when a user has made there selections for the bundle with one click all the items will be added to cart. To my understanding from reading many forums with similar set ups I need to write a piece of Jquery that will push each selected variants/products ID to cart one after the other. 


Part 2.

To go along with the whole Bundle thing... I need to add in some fraud protection to the cart page. These Bundles are sent to the cart as 3 indivudal items and in some cases they are at a discounted Bundled price, so are only meant to be purchased together not individualy. I want to stop the following scenario from happening :: If a customer adds a bundle to there cart and decides to remove 1 or 2 of the 3 items, effectively they can get the remianing item at a discounted rate. To prevent this my logic is :: if a customer removes 1 items that is in the Bundle remove all other associated items of that Bundle with it at the same time. I currently have the Qty selector frozen for all Bundle Discounted items as well as a "Remove Bundle" button attached to any item in the cart with the product Type 'Bundle'  (which i will keep consitant across all Bundles that are discounted) The only way I see to do this would be to remove all items sharing the same SKU as the Bundle or some way of narrowing it down to the bundle and removing all when those buttons are clicked.

Now this is the bit where i say HAAAALPPP? ;P

If someone is up for the job, and wants more info please follow up.

Store URL (Bundle Page) ::

Password :: nzecigs



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Hi Stefan - we can definitely assist; we have done what you are looking to do for several clients, without the use of apps. We would recommend, however, doing this as a kit/bundle using dropdowns. Have a look at some of our past work:

This approach uses no apps, and actually deducts products from existing inventories (of the single products sold) when a kit is purchased; items cannot be removed from the 'kit' as it is sold as one item :)

Email us at if interested.


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Hello Stefan,

Can certainly assist you with your requirements.

Have 5+ years of working experience in Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. 

Please send me the mail with detail requirements, and i will revert you back ASAP with my understanding and an estimate. 

Looking forward to your response. 



Mail: aaron.cis10 at
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Hello Stefan,

Still if you're looking for supporting hand then let communicate further. 



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Yes im still looking for help, please email me

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Hi Stefan,

Please check your email for detail how can be helped.

Similar type of work I have done in past, so can help you with your current requirement. 

let me know your available time and I will do my best to accommodate it

Skype - anaisys.technologies

Email -

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I see you have a very nice working solution for your site.

Who ended up developing this for you? 

I would like this as well