Adding Facebook/Twitter button links to page

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Hey guys, looking for someone to add the following Facebook and Twitter buttons/links evenly spaced between the company logo (top left) and search bar (top right) on my page:

I would like the Twitter button to be as large as possible (looks like width = 60px) and the Facebook button to be the same size (looks like this one needs to be adjusted with the sliding bar they provide on the page to be about width = 48px or so).

My shop is currently using the "Dooley" theme. For the URL's the buttons will link to, I want them left as "XXXX" and an email sent to me with instructions on how to go in and add the actual URL's at a later date.

This seems to me like it should be a <1 hour job so unless you can explain why the process would take longer than that, i'll pay $50 to have it all taken care of.

Either post here or shoot me an email at if interested.



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Hi xjchayx,

E-mail on the way.Let me know when i can start work.


Thank u