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Hello. I have a store that has been operating with consistent sales for over 18 months. I'm ready to move it to the next level. I understand that many successful store owners have had great gains using affiliate marketing. (I attended a Shopify meetup in Miami a few months ago and heard first person about it) I want to get started with an affiliate program but don't know much about it and even the providers don't give a thorough explanation about set up and implentation. 

I'm looking for someone that uses affiliate marketing and can help me up and running. Please email me at

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Hello Matthew,

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Are you talking about promoting other companies products from within your own store? Don't do this, never encourage a user to leave your website. I have seen Shopify apps that do this type of thing and as a Marketer I cringe. You have no control over what is being advertised and once a consumer clicks on those, they will not likely return to your website and buy something. This is also pretty decieving as well, almost tricking consumers into a 'related products' section and then taking them to a completely different website.

A better idea would maybe getting in contact with some suppliers and actually implementing their products into your own store and getting a cut on that. This is still a little dangerous as you will earn less on these products than your own products so it could end up costing you.

If you want a good example on how to do this, look at Amazon. They host millions of products but they only sell a select few of them but they still make money everytime someone buys something from another company on their website because they get a cut for delivering the consumer and hosting the product within their website; it is a seamless, one-stop shop. 

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