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We are in the process of making updates to our website and need help.  We want the home page for our new site to have a series of custom buttons for master categories which will be linkded to a series of sub-categories 1 followed by products.  In some cases there may also be sub-categories 2 followed by products.  See site map example below.  Also attached is a an examaple of what we want.  The example is not exact but gives a general idea. 

a.    Ag_Industrial Parts (product group heading)

                                          i.    Tillage and Cutting Parts (master category button)

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1.    Agrator (sub category)

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a.    12345 (product)<o:p></o:p>

b.    12346 (product)

c.    12347 (product)<o:p></o:p>


Our website is and it's currently sort of a mess.  We've also purchased an image of a wheat field for the background.  We would like the website to float in the image.