Alterations for a clothing site.

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I have made some basic alterations to my Shopify site, i.e. background, banner, colors, etc. but need some fine tuning done on it that I cannot figure out myself.  I posted the job to another online hiring company and they've made some of my changes but have sadly compromised the design in some browsers.  I've decided to post the job here in hopes of finding someone with stronger skills in working with Shopify. 


The website is and the password is "hoopporn"  

Some of the changes I originally asked for:

1.  Confirmation of cart functionality across browsers

2.  Blog being posted on main page (It's been done but it would be nice to have the comment boxes appear there as well)

3.  The sidebar removed from catalogue pages. This has been done but it should still be on the individual item pages and it's not.  In Safari the background color of the sidebar is no longer appearing and there are other issues while viewing with Safari. 

4.  Thumbnails for multiple photos of items that are "rollovers" so customers can quickly scrub through the images.  This has been done on the individual item pages but it would be wicked if it's possible on the full catalogue page too.  This creates an easier shopping experience for users so they don't have to drill down to get the details of an item. 

5.  I will likely think of other alterations over time as we draw closer to the final product. 

If you can send me an e-mail at with examples of your work and perhaps a quote for the work already presented.  I'm happy to pay as we go and then add other tasks overtime until the site is exactly what I'm looking for. 





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Neat site!  We can certainly get your sorted out.  Email on the way!

Mike Larkin | | | mikelarkin [at] pixellent [dot] com