App or website developer position in Japan [Full time Job offer]

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Disclaimer: This is an in house job offer. We are not looking for contractors or external services. All emails from third party developpers will go directly to spam.


I'm not sure that's the right place to post a job offer, neither if there is any, but I'm posting anyway.

We are recruiting either an app developper (ruby/ruby on rails) or a website developper (designer/html/css/js/liquid) to work mainly on Shopify websites / apps. 
We are not a webagency, and we do not offer any service (yet) or product to Shopify merchants. This position is an "in-house" job to maintain and create tools/app and eventually restructure our tools to offer them on Shopify theme/app stores.


Salary: 250,000 YEN / month + transportation (max. 10,000 YEN).
Contract period: 1 year or longer, depending on the developer's project success.
Position available from: May 2017
Location: Wako-shi, Narimasu station (Tokyo).​​

Minimum required skills​:

  • English or French native, with business level in English or Japanese or French.
  • Technology: HTML5+CSS3+JS and/or Ruby+Ruby on rails.
  • 2 years experience required in web development or software development with Ruby

Technologies :

  • CMS (online shops) > Shopify
  • CMS (blogs) > Wordpress
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on rails
  • Git/Github
  • Node.js
  • Framework tools
  • VBA

Work schedule:
Full time 40h / week.
- Paid leave: 10 days plus national holidays

As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for:

  • Building and improving apps/sites
  • Adding new features to existing apps/sites
  • Defining engineering road map
  • Designing, coding and testing your technical solutions
  • Recognizing system deficiencies and implementing effective solutions
  • Ensuring coding standards

Who are we looking for?

  • An academically high-achieving, recent computer science graduate, with previous software development experience of at least 2 years.
  • Ideally a polyglot with strong skills in Ruby, Ruby on Rails OR in website development (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript).
  • Someone capable to develop web products across a variety of stacks and build web-crawlers
  • Someone with excellent skills in object orientated programming, analysis and design
  • Someone who is looking for a real challenge
  • A team player with commercial maturity & the ability to work autonomously
  • You'll take part in your own side projects.

What do we offer?

  • Assistance with Japan working visa procedures
  • Support in finding an apartment in Japan
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Excellent training
  • Free lunches (open Kitchen).
  • The opportunity to be part of a diverse international team and a profitable company with a start-up mindset
  • An incredible opportunity for a computer science graduate with development experience to join a small Japanese company
  • A position that can also be a great stepping stone for a future career in Japan (one of our former developer now works for Google Japan).

Send your application with resume and cover letter via email, PDF format.
We answer all applications within 3 business days.

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Hi, Jordy!

My name is Jade, I'm with the Support Team at Shopify!

I have switched your job posting to the category **Shopify & Ecommerce Jobs** to help more people that are looking for jobs opportunities see your post! 

Have a great day! 

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I can help you with your requirement. Please add me on Skype to diccuss: " cis.victor1 "



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Hi Victor, 

As specified in the offer, this is an in house job offer. 
We are not interested by third party developpers, we already have our contacts. 


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Did you actually think the outsourcing companies would actually read your job spec? lol

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No, but I feel more comfortable sending them directly to spam ;)

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Jordy - I can remove all the comments here and close the thread if that's of any use. Will stop people from being able to reply on the forum. Can also delete my own comment here...

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Hey Jason, 

No problem, as far as it doesn't go full spam... 
But big thanks for the offer. 

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