Auto create Joomla users from Shopify Customers

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I have a store with Shopify.  (

I have a CMS website using Joomla. (

When a customer makes a purchase from the Shopify store, it qualifies them for access to our CMS site. 

I need a way to grab the customer data from Shopify, and use it to create and register a user in our Joomla CMS, and ideally bring some other data into Joomla to enhance and unify the user experience.

Bare minimum, I need a name and and email to use as the login information to create the user. 

In a perfect world, I would like to also bring in the customer order information into Joomla as well.  Not only create the user in the system with the data provided during purchase (company, address, etc), but also allow them to see their order history.

I need this transaction to occur in real-time, and as automated as possible.  I do not want to physically manage creating users from one system to the next.  I also don't want to have to trigger an action myself - the trigger needs to be the purchase from Shopify.

Let's start the brainstorming here and find the best approach.  If you have this kind of experience, I will need to see some examples, and see a proposal.