Backend coding NINJA!

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We've done the easy parts. Now I need someone for the tricky stuff (or to tell me authoritatively it can't be done):

-- A way people can make a donation of any amount

-- A way to show the earned discount before the checkout page

-- A way to play audio samples on product pages (we sell radio program recordings), using either Flash or maybe something better

-- A way to list our "Vendors" (who are really Speakers we've recorded) alphabetized by their LAST names

-- A way people can sign up to donate an amount automatically each month with their credit card (or even their bank account...)

-- The best way to add extra descriptive fields ("Recorded on" a date and "Recorded at" a place) to our Product descriptions

-- A way to get Fetch to notify people automatically when the latest Program they've subscribed to is available for download.

Hey brainy coders, want to help with these pesky "issues"?  North America only (I can't handle the Euro and Asia time difference and tele-collaboration hassles, sorry). 

I'm Bob Wells ( in Boulder, Colorado, my company is Lennox Associates (, the client is, the new site's not up yet, the budget is a reasonable hourly rate, and we want to fix these "issues" within days or 2-3 weeks at the latest.