Bridal store design

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Need a simple shopify website designed for a tiny bridal business trial. Does not have to be unique and i like it nice and simple. For example i like some of the stores that are listed on the shopify example page. The "nest living" website is cool, the robert piccone is also nice (no fancy flash required) and the "dace" one is also nice and simple. 

Im a studdent and just want something simple and non-expensive because if the little venture does not work out i won't be using the template any more.  You can use a template you've used before, a project you've used before etc. Does not matter to me. Just has to be sleek and simple. 


Also could someone let me know if i can buy a design off for whoever i hire to work with? im guessing its different code than shopify and might not be possibe/ too time consuming but am not sure.

please include price quote