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We are needing to add in an upload image area on our new website which is still in the works. The purpose is for customers to upload their photo to be printed on our dartboard.

Our current site is . We need something that just like this and can upload 2 files max.

We are interested in this being added in one of two spots:

1. On the shopping cart page above the special instructions box (on in place of it if we must).

2. On the Photo Guidelines Page.

We would like the uploaded images to be renamed automatically by order number and uploaded to our ftp site. Example : Order 1002 is placed. Double sided dart board - 1002-1.jpg and 1002-2.jpg is how they would need to be numbered.

I am open to any and all suggestions on how to make this function work properly.

Thank you all and I look forward to finding someone to help me out.



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You do not get an order # until your customer has made an order and paid for it. Therefore they cannot upload an image on the cart, or really, anywhere, and have that image be associated with the order. 

The only approach I have done is to send the customer a link in the confirmation email, to a file uploader built for this purpose. Once they click the link, they end up at a page detailing their order, and it allows them to upload photos. You can then see those photos of course, and deal with them as you see fit. 

Hope that helps...



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