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I wanted to get more information about hiring a developer for our shopify site to add the functionality of bundling products together to provide a discount for the customer.

(ie. if we have X product with 5 colors and Y product with 5 colors, I'd like to add a third option to be able to purchase X and Y together, instead of issuing 25 new bundled SKUs.)

Please feel free to email me at tim@aikonia.com for more information.

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Aikonia, LLC


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Right now it's not possible to create discounts from the Shopify API, so while it's possible to show bundles where you can add multiple products to the cart at once (which we added to our app a couple days ago -- more details in our newsletter), it's not possible to do so at a reduced price.

Actually, thinking a little further on it -- it might be possible to create a new product via the API that represents a bundle of both items and then to decrement the stock counts via a web hook when the sale completes.

Feel free to drop us a line if you'd like to talk about that further.

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You are correct in that the stock ShopifyAPI does not come with any support for discount code generation, but you can easily script the creation of discount codes, as I showed everyone in a gist I posted last summer. So, if you need to create a discount on the fly, you can indeed do it.

You'd have to trigger the generation of the discount per session, but that should not be a turn-off to shoppers. They simply buy a bundle, and you generate a discount code they apply when checking out.

Not quite the same as discounting them in the bundle directly, but it would work the same magic on the price...



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