Coder needed for custom design for t-shirt store!

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We are in the process of opening up an online t-shirt store, and are looking for some coding help.

What we want for the design is a bit more customised than what the templates are, and our web coding skills are limited. So the best option seems to be to explain to someone what we want and have them help us. So if you are interested and have good shopify skills please keep reading:) 


The closest store to what we want design wise I found on shopify is Dace's online store:



We are graphic designers so we want to have a say at the design. So we put up a suggestion to what we want for the store:


For the home we would like to have a video or a slideshow like they have on dace over most of the page, and then with possibility to change it as we go along. 



At the shop we would like there to be the options to click on the different tags either t-shirts, totes or art prints and only those products will show up. The same with Men and women. There will be 22 t-shirts, 1 tote and 6 art pieces in the shop.


Each product:

For the each product page we want the layout something like this, with the info we want, the price and then the possibility to add to chart, sizes, model, qwty, etc. We want 3 different pictures of the product that will display in the larger image when each of them is clicked on. And also the possibility to go to previous and next product with the buttons. If it is possible to get the sizechart to pop up in a small window when we click the "sizechart" button as well that would be great. 


LOOKBOOK: We want to have a page with a lookbook on. preferably something like this:


BLOG: We also want a functioning blog. This is a bit important as this will be frequently used. The best would be to have it integrated on the page like this: . But if that is hard to do, an external blog could work as well.


Other than that we need pages that will have text on them for information. And also we want the site to have the url


If this is something you think you could help us out with, please don't hesitate to contact!


We are students, so we don't have the largest budget, but send us a quote for what you think is fair for the job. Also send us a site coding sample or a referral:)



We are under a bit of time pressure as well. If there is any chance this could be done before the 21st of october that would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!


Looking forward to hearing from you all, hope there is someone who wants/have the time to help out:)


- Marie