Coding Support Needed

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I am building a site for a client.  If Shopify can work, I'd like to use it but it would require some modifications to achieve all goals.  A tech support person suggested finding someone on this board who can use the XML API to accomplish this:

Client wants his promoters to pass out cards to customers with unique promo codes to generate sales and reward his promoters.

1) Customers must be able to make purchases using individual promo codes.

2) Totals of promo code usage must be tabulated. It's very important that totals can be analyzed for a specific period of time, say 1/7/11 to 2/7/11.

3) Promoters must be able to log onto a private account (using same promo code as password) and see his total sales UP TO THE MINUTE.

Please contact me with answers to the following:

Is the tech support person correct, is the XML API sufficient enough to accomplish these goals?

How much would it cost to create this functionality?

Speed of delivery?

Overall strategy for completion?