Completed - Cart/Checkout Page Enhancements

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Hi Guys,
Our shop needs some additional work for the checkout / cart page. We are using the Concierge Vanity Theme. I know these changes should be pretty straight forward, they are just beyong our expertise and we don't have the time to muck around.

Company name: Florever Florists
Your name: Boris
The project's URL:
Contact Info:

Description of the services required:
Enhancement of the existing cart / checkout page in order to capture the information better, which envolves:

- Fixing up the current 3 boxes with a better layout.
- Modifiying the "Delivery Date" field with a pop-up calendar, and with business logic based on our delivery policy and opening hours. (if possible)
- Sending through the info via the order emails, (which I can do, based on your variable names)

Happy to discuss further with a Guru. Feel free to email me with your thoughts and prices.

Thanks, Boris.