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My name is Hilary, I own Cow & Crumb Baking Company (  I am looking for someone familiar with the Shopify platform to help with a site re-design.  I have a graphic designer that will be involved with decisions on layout and aesthetics, but need someone or some agency to help with the back end and make the site "work".

If you are interested in the project, please contact me at or at 617.714.3185.

November 1st is my goal for project completion, and below is a more specific list of the changes I am looking to have done.




1. Consolidate all pages onto Shopify

  •  Right now the website is hosted on two different sites Typepad and Shopify.
  •  When navigating the site you can tell which you’re on by the top banner. Typepad has a full white banner with logo and heavy orange bottom border, Shopify hosted pages have the logo in a smaller square on the left hand side of the page.

2. Navigation/Tabs

  •  Below are the desired navigation tabs with drop-down option I would like on the site. 
  •  The drop-down feature would be something that would need to be “coded in” to the existing Shopify template, or created if we decide to go off-template and build our own Shopify theme from scratch.  
  •  Some of the items on the list below do not currently exist on the C&C site. The goal is to build the site using the current content, as well as add some additional products and information.  
  •  Adding products & collections, building content and maintaining updates will be mainly the job of Hilary.   

1. Home

·      Redirect to home page screen (no drop down)


2. About C&C

·      Find Cow & Crumb Locally (add)

·      Contact us  

·      CBO & Founder (information currently on typepad)

·      FAQS (information currently on typepad)

3. Buy Cookies

·      Combination & Sampler Packs (add)

·      Cookies a la Carte

·      Snacks & Cakettes

·      Cookie Cakes a.k.a Cakies (add)

·      Crumb de Monthe (add)

·  Crumb de Month is like a “cookie of the month club”. This option will require ordering options with a little more intricacy than item and quantity choices.

·      Shipping information (information currently on typepad)


4. Cow Talk

·      Press & Events  (information currently on typepad)

·      Monthly Moo Newsletter (w/subscribe button)

·      Monthly Moo Newsletters are written and managed on

·      Sites we love (information currently on typepad)

·      Testimonials (w/ link to yelp)


5. Checkout

·      Directs to shopping cart (no drop down)


       Desired additions to shopping cart/checkout

·      Radio buttons: Desired delivery date or Shipped ASAP

o   add short text disclaimer about ship/order lead time  

·      Note Card for Recipient

·      Notes/Comments to the Baker

·      Link to Shipping information page


3. Site Design/Layout

  •  This project already has a designer, Dave Freedman (  The web technician will work with Dave to create a site that reflects his artistic vision for the layout, and most importantly - functions properly!

Front Page Layout

·      Right now, the site on Shopify uses the “solo” theme.  This theme can be modified or a new theme can be built. 

·      On the Front Page, I would like two additional white boxes added underneath the large single box currently on the site. Those boxes would include

1.     “People are Talking” box - Rotating testimonials from customers and quotes from articles about C&C

2.     “Meet Your Baker” box – that shows a thumbnail of the most current vlog, and links to Cow & Crumbs Youtube channel, where all the vlogs will be published.

·      For the toggled pictures underneath the large chocolate chip cookie, I would like those to link to collections instead of individual items (ie. one picture for each of the drop down item on the “eat cookies” tab)


Front Page Buttons

Somewhere on the Front Page, I would like to have images linking to:

·      Facebook (like!)

·      Twitter (follow!)

·      Mailchimp (subscribe to newsletter)


Additional Features

·      Newsfeed, one line above or below navigation bar for updates on specials and/or events

·      Enhanced Banner Graphic (full banner w/ phone & email info embedded)


5.  SEO/Visibility

·      Add titles and unique meta descriptions to each individual page to increase searchability

·      Add “Like” buttons on each individual product



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