Create product page with table that updates as customer selects multiple product variations for 6 days of the week for a packaged deal.

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I'm creating a website for a friend and I am trying to create a product page that displays a weekly meal plan where the customer can choose:

- 4-6 Meals for each day

- with 3-6 variations of the 4 meals

The page also needs a table that displays the customers selections and tabulates the predetermined base nutrients of the customers selection.

There is a perfect example of almost exactly what I am looking for here:


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Sounds like you are trying to build a menu that where i can select 4, 5, or 6 meals. Then Select options up to 6 based on meal selection. This can be done in shopify in a different presentation method as shopify has limitations to the way it presents variants. DuckySam Studios can help you build out this functionality so that its easy for customers to select a 4, 5, or 6 day meal plan and then easily select meal options for this. Please contact us directly at , and respond with your budget of completion, current URL in shopify if you have a site and need us to work on it, or if you are considering shopify as your website for this type of service... 

We can def help you build out this configuration a bit differently to accomodate your user base so they can easily purchase meals and food options. thanks so much

Ducky Sam Studios.

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Hello Lachlan,

We'd be happy to develop the product page as per your referral url. So, let communicate further to inititate the job.



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Hi Lachan,

Greetings for the day!!!

We can create variants and options for the same. But in shopify we have limit to make maximum of 100 varinats and 3 options.
So let me know about the exact options you want to display and how. Also let me know you want exactly the same page given in demo link i.e the dropdown options or all or wants any changes in that. Let me know about the changes.

Please share email or skype for further communication.

You can also check with the sample work -

Many Thanks –

Justin Clark

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