Cross browser testing and fixing. IE variants

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Following on from my issues posted here:

(Summary: People cant add items to the Cart under IE)

I am unable to implement the fix for IE lower down.

I dont have IE or PC. Or the skill level to understand what is needed.
Our site, located at:
We use boundless theme and have modified the code to show 'add to cart' on the homepage with the price. Nothing major. 

Further to this, I'd like the fix to encompass a cross browser review of our site. I can see Chrome is fine and we get reports from customers that chrome is the best looking display of the site.

Please dont respond to this thread, but use the contact form here:
to send portfolios and details of how you would carry out this work, please include a fixed price in $ or £'s.

Thanks and speak soon,
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Kindly Email to or connect to skype: priyal_shivlab