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We are new to shopify and wish to have a custom dropdown search made as follows:-

We sell motorcycle parts, we sell a small range of parts that fit a large range of Makes, Models and Years, we would like to have a dropdown search created for our Home Page with the following drop down choices:-

1. Make (this will display all the makes like Honda, Kawasaki etc)

2.Year (this will display all of the years available for the chosen make we do from 1960 to present)

3. Model (this will display all of the models available based on the previous two searches) for example if someone selects Honda in the first drop down, then 1990 in the 2nd drop down then the 'Model' dropdown will only display Honda Models from 1990

4. Part - This last dropdown will display all of the available parts for that model, within this it would be ideal if we could have an option for 'all parts' so it would show them all (for the chosen model).

 I have heard about some limitiations with shopify like , variant quantity, etc, number of products etc, so i dont know if this is possible but i would like to hear from anyone who can do this, i can be contacted via email on

 From my small amount of knowledge i would have thought that if each individual product is created with its own Make, Year, Model 'Variant' filled in then surely these could be built into a search, so the search scans each product for the relevant info? as for the 'Product' search surely this can just search the 'Product' Type as filled in for each item?

 We actually have this very thing on our Magento site at the moment (minus the product dropdown)

Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing back from anyone who can do this.



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Can you reply back with how you did this? I see that you pulled it off on your site which is now on shopify.