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I'm working on my new webshop in Shopify and focusing on the product page currently.

My shop focusses on promotional products and on the product page a lot of data comes together, like:


•Color pick of the product : no impact on dynamic price on the fly

•Quantity tiers with different pricing per tier: impacts dynamic price on the fly

•Printing technique / amount of printing color : impacts dynamic price on the fly

•Printing position-> no must have, nice to have


Some these factors will define the endprice, which needs to be shown on the page as well. So the shown price needs to change when a visitor chooses his different customizations, dynamic pricing on the fly is crucial. It would be great if adding/removing options could be created to stay flexible for future new categories.


The data will come from the product feed of my suppliers, through an xml file which go into a 3th party app like syncee to get it into Shopify in bulk in the right template.

I will first start with a couple of hundreds products, but quickly expand to a couple of thousands. So the back-end should be agile and flexible.


After a visitor selected his preferred options, all this data (together with the customer data like company name, contactperson, delivery address etc coming from the check out page) the data will to be send to the supplier by e-mail, so they can take care of the fullfilment of the order.


Besides the criteria above, standard data like product description also needs to be shown on the product page.


I'm looking for somebody who can build this feature or maybe the entire page for me.

And I'm looking for the way how this page will then be get the right data, how would the back-end work for this solution.


Below some examples of how competition shows this page, which would be my idea as well:


Other competition: 


Extra requirements:

1) There also needs to be an option to upload a logo/image : but I see loads of options/apps for this

2) Preferably the app will be flexible: for the pen category there are slightly different customizations than t-shirts for instance .


If you are interested in this project, I can send you a more detailed briefing with processes and flow.


Many thanks!!


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Hey Dennis,

I can help. Please get in touch with me over email to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153


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Hi There,
Hope you're keeping great!
I would be happy to work with you.
Please add me over Skype for further discussion.
Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast
I look forward to your response!
Jennifer Smith

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Hi Dennis,
What you are wanting done is right up my alley of expertise and I would be happy to build this out for you.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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Hi Dennis , 

I am interested to assist further on App customization needed 

Please connect over skype/ email to discuss 


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