Custom liquid templates needed

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I am looking for a developer that can craft for me custom index.liquid, products.liquid and cart.liquid to accommodate this implementation.

If interested, please email me at web_projects[at]

Given three collections: Main Products, Sub Products, and Accessories:

  1. When cart is empty, show in home page only the products on Main Products collection.
  2. After there is a Main Product in the cart, show in home page only products in Sub Product collection.
  3. After there is a Main Product and a Sub product in the cart, show items in the accessory collection
  4. Customers can add as many accessories as they want to the cart.

Note that this means that only one Main Product and one Sub-product can be added to the cart. On the other hand, one or more accessories can be added to the cart.

In the cart page, the individual "remove" links for each product need to be removed, and instead have a button "Reset and start again" that will clear the cart of all items.

To add to the fun, there are a few other things needed.

  • Sub-products are related to Main products. That is, not all sub-products are related to all Main Products. Rather, each sub-product may be assigned to one or more specific Main Product(s)
  • Same applies to Main Products <> accessories

Basically, there is a one-to-one relationship between Sub Products and Main Products, and  a one-to-one or one-to-many between Accessories and Main Products. This can be implemented via  metafields.

The checkout button should be hidden until there is at least a Main Product and a Sub Product in the cart.

The sidebar.liquid should display the current items in the cart like this when cart is empty:

Main Product

   Please select a Main Product

Sub Product



... and like this when the customer has made their choices

Main Product

    Title of Product

Sub Product

    Title of Sub Product


    Title of accessory 1

    Title of accessory 2

    .... :::