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I'm Needing some design adjustments and custom work on a Shopify theme/store.

Below is a list of the features I'd like to be able to implement on the store.

1. I'll be selling both tracks and albums and am needing a way for the user to be able to purchase and view these items separately. Currently the link below is the best option for this that I've seen so far.

Because the listening experience (media player and layout) is the foundation of my store, I'm really needing the user experience to be very enjoyable, straight forward and as similar an experience to listening and buying on Amazon or itunes

(Play Button) (Track 1 Name) (Price) (Buy/Add to Cart)

(Play Button) (Track 2 Name) (Price) (Buy/Add to Cart)

(Play Button) (Track 3 Name) (Price) (Buy/Add to Cart)

(Complete Album) (Price) (Buy/Add to Cart)

So, ideally individual tracks with associated "(Buy/Add to Cart)" buttons and then a separate "(Buy/Add to Cart)" button that would allow the user to purchase the entire album. The "Album" button would be on a separate column from the "Tracks" Button.

I'm certainly up for getting your opinion on all additional media players that might be better suited for my needs, as I also really like the standard wordpress audio player and the soundcloud as well. If you think there might be a better/more efficient and user friendly solution, then I'd certainly be up to discussing the options as this point is crucial for the users.

Another feature that the "ghostly store " has is the "continue shopping or go to cart" - pop-up appears when the "buy it now" is pressed..allowing the user to stay on the same page in order to continue listening to tracks...This is very important.

2. The other big need is going to be delivering the downloadable track(s) and/or album(s).
THe files will be very large (25mb per track) (250 - 300 mb per album) with the future option of adding various mixes; ect which will increase the size of the download dramatically...(some albums with various mixes could be up to 1.5 GB a piece) and so quick reliable, inexpensive storage will be a must.
I read a comment about using the Fetch "Webhook" and simply using Amazon S3 to store all of the files.

3. Here is a list of the other very small design details that I'd also like

- Remove prices from all pages (except inner product) page(design and theme)

- Disengage product picture (Pop-up) and remove the ability to pull of the page (steal pic)

- Darken shadows around coloums and search to make these columns stand out more

- Remove cart button at top of page (thoughts?)

- Ability to add "similar style albums/trks" - like Amazon/itunes - MAybe add a row of products on the bottom of the page..just like home page.
(is this able to be done on the theme or is this really only done with "Directed Edge"


Ready for immediate help .... Thanks so very much