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I am in need of a developer to customize features of the shopping cart and the layout of the home page.

I need the work done pretty quickly.I think it's the woodland theme but have renamed it and am not completely sure.

Layout changes needed:

• The large image at the top should be able to accept a video embed from youtube OR an image instead
• The three boxes at the bottom should become just two below the larger one.
• the footer should only have one column and pull from a blog post (or article)
• I want  to eliminate the "featured product" from the sidebar inside (currently if I don't assign a feature it still gives me the feature product box anyway but asks me to assign a feature! - that's ugly)


1.) in the product details the photo of the image should span across the main content column with the description below it. When you click the main photo you get the details.

2.) Product details I would like to have option to include thumnail photos for each option a product has. (for example the Tri-Vista has - Back Style, Finish and Top Rail options. Need to be able to upload Thumbnail photos (click for enlargement) for each option independently of the other options.

3. Product Shopping cart summary page: IMPORTANT: The client wants the thumbnail of the Tri-Vista Swing product itself to represent all of the options once in the cart. The photo changes to show the backstyle option / finsh option and the top rail option- as chosen once the product is in the shopping cart. So it looks like the client is buying the correct thing. I know I will have to upload photos for each checkout image.

Sharon Weiter 502-895-8300 for questions or interest.

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Hi Sharon,

                     Let me know you E-mail_id or please contact us for further details.looking forward to hearing you waiting for your reply.


Thank you!



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I sent you an email. Call or email me and we can get started.

Got any references?