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My name is Martin Corbin and I work for a non-profit organization called Bok Tower Gardens. We just recently launched our online gift shop and we're in the process of launching an online ticketing system as well through Shopify. 

We're seeking a developer to quote us on a project for our online ticketing system and how these items are discounted to our members.

We have over 4,000 members of our organization and they each have a unique 2-5 digit code which is their member number. I manually entered these numbers into the discount system currently utilized by Shopify for gift shop sales. 

In a nutshell, we sell general admission tickets (which can't be discounted), special tour tickets (that are discounted for members) and special event tickets (discounted for members). So we'd like two price tiers for our ticket sales (member and non-member), but to receive the discount we need verification that the person is a member (they would input their unique member number).

The problem we face is that the discount system is so basic that we can only sell member tickets using the "honor code" of assuming only members will only buy member priced tickets or that members will also enter their 10% discount and end up paying less than what the tickets actually cost. The tickets that we sell aren't discounted the same as the merchandise that we sell.

I'm looking for a quote on what something like this might cost. Our budget can work around that.

Please email me at with quotes and we'll review and get back to you!

Our address is

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