Developer needed - Integrating online proofing on our shopify site

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We are working with a company that we are integrating into our shopify site.  This (online proofing) company will allow our customers to view, upload a picture and approve their proof online (holiday cards, for example). 

We need a developer to connect our site to the online proofing company's site once the customer clicks on a button that says "personalize". 

Here is a snippet from the spec sheet we received from the online proofing company to pass off to our developer...

When the user is done with customization and approves it (there is approve button on editor), then we are processing that customization request as a new project and assigning one project Id to that.
That project ID is being sent back to URL you specify in the SrcURL parameter in querystring. For example if your SrcURl is, then after approval, we will redirect back to your site on this URL.
Here 1111 is just a place holder for a dynamically generated product ID for that customization. So every time you will get a different number with
JobID here.
You can store this JobID with your order as a description or as any other field you prefer and can use this JobID for referencing projects on OOTB

You need to identify that project on OOTB site with the provided JobID and then you can check customizations, generate PRFs and other
possible operations.

In this HOW TO doc we will show you how you can implement the OOTB’s Online Editor for product personalization.