Developer needed - create "enter code or email address for access"

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I will be running a TV promo for a site that will be offering a steep discount on 9-18 products.

A special code will be given out on TV and via partners.

Upon arrival to the site the user will see a  the home page obscured by a lightbox and a form:

" Store Logo
 Enter code for access - don't have a code? enter your email to receive the code."

Scenario 1: User enters code and is authenticated (allowed to see the shop)  

Scenario 2: User enters an email address - Email is authenticated (deliverability confirmed) user email collected (appended to a .txt file), user is shown code and "enter code to get to see the deals", user is authenticated and will be able to see shop. Email confirmation of code sent to user.

See attachment. 

Ideally this will all be handled with AJAX - client side.




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Hi, it would help if you passed on some way a developer could get a hold of you?


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