Developer needed for code minimum order quantities

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I'm needing help in developing the proper code to handle the following situation.

Most, but not all products to be sold will have a minimum order quantity on a per-product basis rather than on total order quantity, price, or weight. (Product A = min. 5; Product B = min. 10; Product C = no min.)

On the product pages, need to be able to add a quantity order select/dropdown that starts with the minimum amount for that product, or start at 1 if no minimum.

On the cart page, need to be able to check and notify customers that there's a minimum quantity if they were to change the quantities for any projects below their individual minimums before being allowed to checkout.

If you are able to help or have questions to clarify, please contact me at

A flat rate quote would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Kevin Meronuk, Infectious Communications |