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Hi all, 

I'm looking for someone to help me set up a shopify store for a wedding stationery/invitation company. I am hoping to have it up and running within 2-3 months, but as I am currently preparing layouts I'd like to start working with someone now so I can be sure what I'm designing is actually possible.

Generally it's a typical web store, usual front page, contact, info page etc. As seems common the parts that may prove difficult are the product and checkout pages.


Product page:

I am selling invitation 'sets', probably 15 or so to begin with, which each have 7 customisation options affecting price. At the moment I have them set to add up to a 'per person' price which is then multiplied by their desired quantity.

The problem: As this is a new business I'd like to keep running costs down and stick with the smaller shopify plan, which means using 100sku's or less. The quickest way to implement what I want would use too many sku's, so I'm wondering if there's a way to avoid using variants.

What may help: All of the products are made to order meaning I don't need to track inventory, just as long as the customer see's a description of what they've selected in their cart/checkout, and I get a note informing me of the same, I'll have everything I need.

Here is a rough mockup of the order form from the product page.



I'd really like the information I need to collect at this stage to be customised depending on the customers order - so for example I only ask for guest names and addresses if they have purchased address labels. This isn't quite as important though as there may be a way to deal with gathering this information which presents all the forms without being too confusing.


Other than that the only things that I need that I imagine may add time/expense are a custom font set for the site (2-3 fonts) and an image popup window for the product page that will allow for text descriptions and links to other images.



At this point what I'm after is an idea of whether this is possible, and (approximately) how much and how long this may take to build. I can send through the mockups I have done and I'm happy for them to be used as guides, nothing is set in stone.

I would like to see some examples of your work if you are interested in this job though.

Thanks for your time,



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