Do You Need Help with Your Instagram & Twitter Accounts, Digital Marketing or Consulting ?

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Instagram’s new algorithm change has made it more challenging to get your posts seen.  If  you’ve been on Instagram for a while now you know exactly what I am talking about.  You must have a good strategy in place now to be successful.  

I have over 15 years in digital marketing and have grown my apparel business and sales within one year off of building my instagram and Twitter accounts.  I have wasted thousands of dollars and time on Facebook ads without any return on my investment. If you’re a new business I don’t recommend wasting money on Facebook ads at this stage. Facebook does have their time and place, it’s great for building brand recognition in the beginning.  However, it’s tough though to make a sale from it useless you have a product that is extremely unique in the market, Facebook is extremely competitive.

If you need help growing your followers organically on Instagram and Twitter, I can help you with a content strategy and build your Instagram account with real people that are actively engaged on instagram and interested in your content.  If you need help managing your social media accounts, I can assist. I can also give you some general business guidance from my experiences with my own store.

I only plan to only take on a handful of clients right now because I am running my own online store and I want to make sure I can give 100% to each client.  Why I am doing this you might ask, I want to share my knowledge with others because their is sooo much information out there that can have you spinning in circles going no where and have you confused.  Trust me I’ve been there.

One thing to keep in mind, creating an online business takes time and patience and doesn’t happen overnight but if you keep at it long enough and keep doing the right things you’ll have a successful business.  

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