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Good Earth School Lunch Program serves organic school lunch to approximately 1,500 school children at more than a dozen Pre-K to Middle Schools in Marin County.


We’re looking for an experienced, skilled freelancer or small agency to step in as Administrator/Developer to maintain and evolve an existing, high volume Advanced Shopify e-commerce system going forward.


The e-commerce architecture is fully set up for the current product configuration, and has been through an initial year of Orders. Now, ahead of the Fall 2019 school year, the system needs some minor adjustments and updates, and over the summer the staff needs assistance in prepping and QAing the site for Fall.


This will involve first getting up to speed on the system configuration, understanding key logic behind design and functional characteristics; dialoguing and assisting Program Admin Staff in prepping and loading product data; and working with Staff to hear, develop and implement near-term functional or aesthetic modifications based on evolving needs.


Longer term you will spot and suggest efficiencies and optimizations, evaluate them for applicability, and to work with staff to vet, design and implement functional or aesthetic modifications while maintaining consistency within the larger goals and systems.


Services will be needed most for annual site reset in July/August (ahead of Fall school semester), and to a lesser degree during the school year and ahead of the Winter and Spring semesters.

Prefer local candidates (occasional in person meetings, and for community connection).
Freelance or small agency.
Original site designer/developer and full system information and documentation is accessible to help get up to speed.



Maintain and modify Advanced Shopify website backend
Maintain and modify front end theme.
Understand, maintain and support Product Setup system in Airtable used by staff.
Monitor and maintain overall system health.
Consult on, build and implement client project goals (technology stack, development workflow, deployment strategy, etc.)
Upgrade software versions.
Continuous quality assure and test UI for consistency.
Desire to stay current with technologies and workflows and recognize and suggest areas for improvements to system functions, efficiency, experience enhancements, etc.


Minimum 2+ years of experience working extensively with the Advanced Shopify platform (including third party apps), preferably with multiple medium- to high-volume sites.
Understand challenges and solutions for large volume product and website setup and importing from external product databases.
2+ Years working with Liquid, CSS3, HTML5
1+ years experience using Airtable relational database. Experience in connecting multiple tables in cascading fashion, lookups, formulas, exporting. Experience designing and modifying Airtable bases for use by both Admin and Staff level users.
Experience with additional software: Google Sheets, Google Docs.
As needed experience with JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX as necessary.
Familiar with current mobile optimization (particularly iOS), custom theming, admin permissions and access customization.
Readily accessible in emergencies, fast responding to communications.
Friendly personality and scalable support communications levels from admin to user level.

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How Are you Doing?


i am having expeirence as E-Commerce Developer for more than 6 years and i am happy to assist you.


please contact me on  email carter.c@talentsfromindia.com or on skype:- live:carter_1594


thank you

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Carter Woods

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Hi , 

Greetings !
I am looking for full time opportunity and assist you over job detail as highlighted in post. 

Please share  your  mail I'd to share my profile 


Shopify Expert | S: deepvyas71 | E: deepvyas71@gmail.com
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I'm Shopify expert with more than 10 years experience in eCommerce, I master many programming languages such as (HMTL, Javascript, CSS, ...)

I am open for a longtime business cooperation and ready to work full time.

If you're interested, you can contact me via contact@ecom-gurus.com

Best regards,

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Hello there,

Hope you are doing well,

Thanks for sharing your requirements here.

I understand your requirement & ready to solve your all problems.


Feel free to mail me on tariquequreshi246@gmail.com or skype me on tariquequreshi246

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Hey Good Earth School,


I work with Shopify everyday for the last 8+ years. This is my full time job. I have done this type of work before and happy to chat about more details.




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Hey guys,


I've read through what you've written and it sounds like there's a bit to this project. I see that I would have access to the original design/developer...which is great. However the semester is starting rather quickly (it's already August). Would you be open to a quick call to go over things as I have few questions about the back-end and how the current stack is structured.


I'm from Los Angeles but only able to work remotely at the moment. Feel free to drop me a line at jpenn817@gmail.com (or can schedule a call on zoom using that email).




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Hope you are well..!!


We can help you with our Experience of 8 + years in same industry.

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Please share your contact details for further discussion.

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Please reach us: E - harry@manektech.net Skype - live:harry_3771

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As a fully experienced E-commerce developer, I'm very interested in this opportunity.

Over 6 years, I have developed 20+ Shopify stores, 6  Shopify stores, and 3 Shopify apps 

And, I'm very familiar implementing and customizing ajax cart, mega menu, SPA with modern JS frameworks on E-commerce platform 

Can we discuss this position in detail?

Please don't hesitate to contact me


Email : enpingan@gmail.com

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Phone: (+1) 647.738.5610




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Hi There,
I hope you're keeping great!
I would be happy to work with you.
Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.
Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast
Email id- sales@wreximinfotech.com
I look forward to your response!
Thanks :)