Edits & additions to existing shopify site

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We are looking for someone to regularly complete edits and additions to our shopify site (www.barefootvenus.com)efficiently and economically. Items like:


- We need more flexibility with our discount codes – specifically a code for free shipping on any order. *But they must enter a code. Right now we can only offer a % off or a $ amount off. If they order a $30.00 item and we want them to receive free shipping, as a promo,  (*must enter the appropriate discount code) we have no way to accomplishing this.   


- We would like the ability for our customers to create an account with us.


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- Add a Special Instructions spot. A spot at check out that gives our purchasers an option to provide any special order information such as a gift note or special shipping instruction.

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- Don’t like the look of the “add to cart” button - can we supply an image to replace it with?


- There is a mysteries “default” button I want off the site. It is found by every product just above the “add to cart” button.


If you are interested in doing this please let me know approximately how much time items such as above take and your hourly rate.   

Thanks, I can be reached via email; myra@barefootvenus.com