FILLED - Need a Shopify dev who's great with shipping

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Hi there gang, I’m looking to collaborate with a Shopify dev for a new client project. I did a bunch of Googling, poking around on the Shopify forums and emailed some people but with no response. I was wondering if anyone is open to doing a project that would be launching first or second week of December. Here are some specs about the project:

+ Clients run a cookie favours business (weddings, showers, etc) in NYC
+ I would do all the design
+ You/Dev would do all the theme customization
+ Shopify site set up & theme customization
+ Shopping cart/product customization 
- shipping, 
- delivery dates - customers being able to choose when a product is delivered as the cookies are perishable and timely for let's say weddings or baby showers
- different weights and delivery methods per product; eg: pick-up, delivery or messenger service
- monogramming of products set up (custom fields)

A lot of the work would center around the shipping and customization aspects of Shopify. I’m completely new to the Shopify platform and would use either the following two themes as a design base to customise:

I plan to do the code at simultaneously to design so it can be seamless. I would need you to either tell me or help me figure out what shipping/product details to request from the client. This would start next week as I’m getting deposits from the client for both design & dev next week. I sent the contract on Thursday and then there’s PayPal processing time, of course. 

Would this be a project that interests anyone at all? If so, I’d love to talk about the project sometime later this week or early next week. If y’all are totally swamped, I understand. In that case, would you be able to recommend another dev? I think a Shopify-specific developer would be ideal since their shipping may be complex, but I’m willing to work with someone who picks up new code easily. It would entail working with Shopify’s Liquid code base and doing a bunch of custom field work. 

You can contact me via ---------------- dot com.

Thanks so much y’all...