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Hey all of you talented designers!

I'm in dire need of a little maintenance and a few changes that I would like to add to my site. Some tasks might seem minor but when it comes web design I find it as difficult as speaking Icelandic:/

Company: Required Flare

Name: Sai 

Site: www.requiredflare.com

Contact: saidesilva@requiredflare.com

Budget: I'm on a tight budget since this is a small company but pricing can be discussed if your right for the project. 

Start:ASAP, looking to have this done, this week as I want to launch on the 1st of June. 


Looking for a talented individual that can perform these tasks (helps if you've done other fashion sites but not necessary 


1.. Change the main page banner. (no more free shipping, like to take that down) I also want a sliding pages, one that has a big banner that states "SALE 20% off with discount code. I also would like to make a separate page for "about"
2.. Enlarged Images when clicked on. I want them to be enlarged for maximum views.
3. The main "flare" page only displays 4 pictures at a time instead of displaying all my merchandise. 
4. I need to add a Sale banner on some images and i also need to learn how to make a sold out banner. 
5. Some products have more than one color. I need a box allowing for the customer to choose the colors. For example http://shopplanetblue.com/index.php/shop-online/accessories/rosary-bracelet.html?deptId=11
Some photos added to new products are off center, how can these be fixed?
6. Last is the Blog, I need something that reflects my website and something I'm happy with. Also a good banner for this as well. (my blog is with Wordpress, so I need a good template)
I also want twitter and "like" buttons added to my inventory 
Very laid back and open to ideas.
If you are interested please send me info 



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Email Sent!


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