Feature to charge/authorize extra 5% or 10% of the product price to allow for weight differences

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I'd like to introduce a feature to our store to support charging or authorizing an additional amount (percentage of product price) at the time of purchase. For businesses that sell fresh produce by weight, it is common that the actual weight of a product after packaging is slightly different (+/-) than the weight ordered. So having a small buffer of 5%-10% of the product price would allow adjusting for price after packaging of the product. Of course, it is not appropriate or feasible to contact every customer after purchase to resolve this.

If anyone has experience solving a similar problem and could help add a feature or introduce an app that could enable charging a slightly higher amount and mentioning the reason for doing so at the time of purchase, please contact so we can discuss further.


Store URL: https://www.thehalalshop.ca/

Contact: mamdanihasnain@gmail.com

Thank you!


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email sent,



Charles L

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Hi There,

I hope you're keeping great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast

I have sent you an Email from sales@wreximinfotech.com

I look forward to your response!


Stay Well :)


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@hm_ If you need an immediate workaround until you find a solution consider temporarily repuprosing the new online checkout tipping feature by changing the translations.

💣 though an issue with this is the customers have to opt-in during checkout and you cannot hide the manual input tip type.


Demo of this workaround : https://tipsasfees.myshopify.com/cart/32560265920605:1 when you get to the online checkout payment screen 

docs to use test 💳cc)


First before any customizations always backup your theme.

  1. Either work on an upublished theme and use previews to test(might not work with checkout i'll have to double check), or make a backup of your current theme and just test with the live theme
  2. Pick a time of day that has low traffic so you can test this, enable tipping and set the percentages,etc https://shopify.com/admin/settings/checkout


  1. Edit the themes translations so the verbage replacing tipping gets the behavior your want about authorizing the additional amount for the buffer.
  2. Use the theme menus to go to the language editor and then search for "tips"
  3. Or go to https://shopify.com/admin/settings/checkout scroll to the bottom and click the 'Manage checkout language' button to get there  
  4. OR to navigate by url : https://shopify.com/admin/themes/current/editor ( this will redirect to https://shopify.com/admin/themes/12345678901/editor  replace editor with:   language?category=checkout+%26+system&query=tips 
  5. For the themes translations for the tip feature look in the language editors category 'Checkout & System' and scroll to 'Checkout tips' or searching "tips" or using your browser find(ctrl+f),etc: 


  1. Place a test order and review each step of the process the customer will see
  2. You may have to turn off any automatic fulfillment to have time to verify fees
  3. And check any notification/msg/chats etc that may need the word "tip" etc replaced


I'm also working a different solution that's a 1 shot customization instead of an ongoing app if it gets going i'll ping you.


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