Few updates to site needed homepage and items pages

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Hi Guys,

  • Company name = Gengo Clothing
  • Your name = James Ash
  • The project's URL = Http://www.gengo.co.uk
  • Contact Info = Email: sales{AT}gengo.co.uk
  • Description of the services required = See below...

Iam looking for some work to be done around our item pages. Right now it looks like this http://www.gengo.co.uk/products/math and I would like it to look like this http://shop.holstee.com/products/recycled-wallet

So it has the items name and then a link to who its made by so this will take the customer to the brand page of the items.

Then like we have now it allows the customers to pick the size of the item. We need that a little bigger like on Holstee. A nice big Buy Now button and then we also would a message like they have about the shipping but it would be all about our own shipping details and what we offer.

Also on our homepage i would like to see how we could better show the item name and prices and would like some feedback on what you would do to make it stand out a little more but not to much so it takes the eyes away from our lovely t-shirts :-)




Jamcamedia | Shopify Master