Freelance Web Designer & Developer • 4+ Years Exp • Clients inc. Red Bull

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Hey everyone,

Web & App designer here with a wealth of experience (4+ years in multiple industries). Previously worked with multiple high net worth clients in the past such as Red Bull here in London. 

I'm a UI/UX designer by trade - but can also take a design through to execution via Shopify, Wordpress or CraftCMS. Very proficient in HTML/CSS/JS and some Rails. (Website swiss army knife)

I focus heavily on business metrics for clients, such as nailing the user experience to increase potential conversions. Lots of stores either have poorly designed layouts, limited conversions or high bounce rates - this is all down to the user experience you give to your customers.

I'm available for projects, portfolio is below:

- Thanks

4+ Years Experience / Freelance Web Designer & Developer / Previous Clients inc. Red Bull