French Provincial store theme required

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150+ products, pics, descriptions, prices are in.  We've got another 1-200+ more products still to go but need help to get the Onyx theme updated or a new theme created; 
The site - (pw = james)
1. Visitors need to be able to find what they need by searching by 2 groups of products... Furniture Type (eg dining chair, dining table etc) OR by Room (eg Bathroom, Lounge Room etc)  We've setup custom collections and smart collections to handle this, just need a template to accomodate these collections.  Ideally each group of collections will have pics and some wording that will ease customers into each group of products. Can you assist with getting these collections into the current theme and somehow make it dynamic so that when we add/remove collections the site will update?
2. Visitors need to be able to build a "wish list" as we will not be offering any on-line sales!  Some products are not always available straight away so we need customers to be able to build themselves a sort of quote or wishlist instead of adding products to a cart.  The process of adding products to the wish list should feel a bit like your creating a quote for yourself without feeling at all like you're about to make a purchase.  The process would still be similar as using a shopping cart but we'll update the "add to cart" buttons to be "add to wish list".  This way if a shopper wants to know what 6 dining chairs and a dining table add's upto they can. Ideally a final step in the wish list process would see the list saved/stored and editable. The wishlist needs to be emailable to the store and/or the customer.
3. We'd like a 3-4 pic slider on the home page.
4. One last one - we'd like to be able to change the picture when we change the variant on a product?  Caroline has some really explanations of how to do this but unfortunately I don't speak JQuery so I'm hoping you can assist here as well.
Please submit all quotes or questions to my email