Get Complete Shopify Store Management by Expert Team

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If you have started a shopify site and looking forward to increase yours sales through promotion and proper shopify management, your search ends here. 
I am successfully providing the following services in many high volume stores 
My services follows as below but not limited to : 

  • Shopify Management Service :
    • Check orders twice everyday and sort orders which are express, urgent or from wanelo, make a list of those orders daily.
    • Do Abandon carts daily (If not done autometically).
    • Make in store coupons and discount codes - run promotion on them.
    • Handle Dispute, chargebacks and other problems.
    • Buy Shipping labels for urgent orders (if you physically ship yourself)
    • Add trackings from ebay or aliexpress etc and fulfill orders (If you use dropshipping method)
    • Check which products are not being sold, delete them.
    • Update store with new and trending products.
    • Update product prices as they change in real world. 
    • Ask for reviews and feedbacks from happy customers, give discount coupons to unhappy ones. 
  • Email Management Service :
    • Check Customers emails, add urgent orders to list, change product size or address if customer requires. 
    • Design email template for your store and Send promotional emails with latest products to old customers.
    • Scrap database and send promotional emails to potential customers. 
  • Website Promotion Service :
    • Finding Long Tail Keyowrds for your business to promote.
    • Verify the sustainability of the wkeywords through various bots.
    • Promote Website through Google Adwords with proper keywords 
    • Promote Website through Facebook Paid ads with keyword filterzation management (3%+ Guranteed).
    • Host facebook contest which will increase Page Reach, Socail Share and customer awareness. 
    • Advertise the site through various social signals viz. Pinterest etc. 
  • Premium Service (Not available for all customers, terms and conditions apply): 
    • Buying products in <50% price from ebay, aliexpress etc. 
      Competitor Analysis and backprocess calculation service. 

If you have any query or need to verify my credentials, feel free to contact me, my gmail is snapdregon, send there. 



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