Google Search Console/Sitemap and best practice - Looking to hire in some help

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Hi All,


This has been on my priority list for quite sometime, we're been trading for a number of years now and in the whole time never really taken the time to fully understand our sitemap structure and implications on our google rankings/visibility.  


Like most, we uploaded our sitemap to google search console from the outset of setting up our Shopify store.. in which time we're grown and created new content, new products and collections etc. Over time google has determined which pages are searched frequently, which are duplicate content... we're a jewellery website that has almost identical products listed separately in 18k white gold, 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold for example (due to limited variants we can't list these under one product).


Its become apparent recently that google isn't indexing some of our popular pages, this has occurred whilst setting up a google shopping campaign and utilising the google search console URL inspector.


In the first instance I'd like to hire an expert who understands best practice for google search console, sitemaps and anything relating to this who can make sure we're working to best practice. This should include structured mark up data? I think! and a set strategy for which pages we canonical tag?


Please get in touch directly if this is something you're interested in? 


Otherwise I'd be happy to discuss the merits a super charged google search console if anyone can really enlighten me :)





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i can help you


please reach to me Email:-


or at skype live:carter_1594


awaiting your response


thank you


very best regards

Carter W

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Hi There,
I hope you're keeping great!
I would be happy to work with you.
Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.
Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast
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I look forward to your response!
Thanks :)

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Hi Pip , 

I would like to share that shopify generates the sitemap on it own.
So could you be more specific, which page you found not index 


Please contact further - 


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Kindly contact me on Skype or email

Skype is: live:bellastone_5

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Hi Deep/All,


I Can see my Shopify site map, this is linked to GSC. I guess my main point is that google has decided to crawl our pages organically and has ranked certain pages above others (these are crawled more frequently), I feel like we should have a strategy in place for this to ensure our important pages are certainly being crawled and we decide which pages require no follows etc. Are we really making the most of our sitemap? Arte we making the most from our content?


I do have one page that isn't being crawled, but I know theres a lot more.


I'm really looking for someone who is an authority on Google Search Console and can tell me exactly what we should be doing and implement it for me?





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Hello pip,

Thanks for sharing your requirements here.

I understand your requirement & ready to solve your all problems.

Please mail me or skype me on so we can discuss it further.


Kind Regards

Tariq Qureshi



Mail :-

Skype :-tariquequreshi246


Hey @Pip999 - Kevin here... California-based Shopify SEO consultant who lives and breathes Google Search Console. By the looks of this thread, I'm guessing you still haven't found the GSC authority you're looking for. Look no further my friend. I can definitely identify and fix your crawling/indexing issues if you still need help. And FWIW, your intuition is correct... sitemaps and noindex/nofollow tags will likely be part of the solution. Your internal link architecture, backlink profile, page load speeds, and mobile- and user-friendliness could also be contributing factors. Send me your store URL and any other relevant details and I'll let you know if/how I can help. My email is

Kevin Wallner // SEO & Analytics Expert
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