HELP! Facebook Pixel firing for all events however does not show results on on the ads

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Thank you for your time so far into this whole thing. I truly appreciate it.
ID#1B is shared with ID#1A from the very beginning.

The assets are already connected.
If I don’t create a new pixel, how am I supposed to add a pixel for my UK store (I’m assuming I should not use the same pixel as my USA store on my UK store).

In the ID#1A account is the original pixel that I have been using for the USA store. Everything in the USA store account works correctly.

I created the new pixels within ID#1B for my UK store and other countries. The issue is occurring in the UK store and other countries. I could not create the pixels within ID#1A because I was getting that error message I showed you before.

Does all of this make sense now? Haha thanks for your patience.
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Hi there,

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If you are selling the exact same product across your stores. Just use the same pixel for each store. Also, you did't mention you had different stores, which is an important detail.

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Hello Duane. I was able to resolve the issue. Basically, after sharing the pixels, within ads manager, I was able to select the pixel conversion to the UK one. Thanks for all your support.