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I am working on launching a jewelery store. I have custom jewelery as my products that are made of gold and platinum

I need an app for a single store that will let me do the following:

- Display jewelery prices according to the following formula: {weight of the jewelery in grams} * {Rate of Karatage of the prescious metal in dollars per gram} + {shipping} + {% of (weight of jewelery in grams * Rate of Karatage of Prescious Metal in Dollars per gram) }

Important Points:

 I want to be able to connect different collection of product with the formula stated above and be able to manually define a value for each of the fields stated in the formula, for each collection that I connect to the formula, so that when I change the value of one of the fields in the formula, for example the  {Rate of Karatage of the prescious metal in dollars per grams} the price for each product in the collection would automatically change.

- I could use the weight field already provided by shopify for each product so you do not need to have the  {weight of the jewelery in grams}, just make sure that the formula automatically takes the weight for each product as the {weight of the jewelery in grams} defined in the formula and display the price accordingly.


Please send me your cost for this app at:



Abdul H Nasir--- Amna's Inspiration Inc.
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Email sent!

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